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Because time goes by ever so fast….

Last night, as I was getting ready to go to bed and making the sum of the day, sort to say, I was hit by this huge feeling that time really, really goes by very fast!

My oldest son is turning 18 this year. Yes, I am not mistaken, he really is getting that big! As all teenagers of his age, he is facing the tremendous responsibility of having to decide what he is going to do professionally. I remember being at that same spot quite some years back and it is not a nice place to be.

So yesterday we went for a slice of cake after a ceremony we had to attend. We talked for an hour about his indecision’s, about the choices he could make, about what would give him more opportunities in life. It was a very good talk and yes, my teenager is fast forward going into adulthood and that does hurt a little…

And that got me to think about the amount of time I spend individually with each of my children and I decided that what I am doing isn’t enough. Let’s say I gave myself a grade for my performance and it wasn’t a good one on that particular subject! So, like any other appointment in my agenda I will begin to this every week with one of them, and writing it down. Only of course this entrance will have lot’s of hearts around it!

It may seem strange that one has to enter this in such matter but the fact is that if we don’t, our daily life eats up the opportunities to do it. Soon he will be in college and the others will follow in not that many years to come. So it is definitely time to savor it the most!

Our weekend was made of family moments and we even went mini golfing with the children. It was so much fun to see them having fun together, although of course, competing with each other every step of the way!

I even had time to finish some sewing projects (the top of Leonor’s new quilt is ready so now I only have to quilt it and bind it, so photos to come soon) and do some baking and cooking! I couldn’t resist the flowers I found at the florist so decided to do a bit of decoration as well.

Good days indeed!

But I have been forgetting to post the winners of the blog giveaway for the mini album! You know, my brain is not what it used to be so you will have to forgive me! So, congratulations to:

– Carla Carvalho

– Carla Borges

– Mara

– Ana Rita Alves

– Manucha Couto

Please send me your address to my email at so I can send you your more than deserved prize! I hope you will enjoy it and don’t forget to send me photos of the finished project!

Oh and I just cannot resist to share with you one of my new favorite songs! Because Life is a story worth sharing…..

The sun is rising

  • Manucha - Parabéns pelos seus filhos!! Estao o máximo.
    Aproveite mesmo o tempo com eles, pois de repente já passou, já estão a trabalhar, já estão com a sua própria vida. É tudo mesmo muito rápido.

    Muito obrigada pelo prémio!!!!! Adorei!!!!!!!!!

  • Mara - ¡Que post tan precioso! Tiene tanto sentimiento. Nos damos cuenta de lo rápido que pasa el tiempo sobre todo, cuando tenemos hijos. Les ves crecer tan rápido. Y
    esa relación que se va estableciendo hasta y después de que se hacen adultos, es tan bonita!!!

    Un besazo familia!!ReplyCancel

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