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Any other Summer day…

(I wrote this article for the second issue of Love Crafts, here in it’s English version)

I have always liked pretty things! And well done too! Simple details that sometimes escape the common eye. Realizing that someone actually went the extra mile to turn a simple meal, a casual encounter, into a memorable occasion.

My husband’s grandmother used to say that the linen towels at our house were always perfectly pressed. And although ironing is not a task I treasure at all, the truth is that I love a straight linen table cloth, a sea of pure white stretched out on a table.

Lined silverware, glasses in their position, linen napkins folded into place. All signs that someone had or tried to have time. In an era where life is a constant race and Time is what we lack most, there are moments when it is so very worth it to make an effort to stretch it up, to make each unit of time, two or three times worth it’s value.

The reward for such efforts come almost in disguise most of the times: a kiss you hardly feel, a “thank you Mum” softly whispered, a hug more or less tight and a smile. A smile from someone who knows that on that day, on that instant, such a moment was only possible because somehow, someone had time!

I often wonder what legacy I will leave one day for my children, what is the one thing they will remember me by. That is probably the main reason why I never say no to a last minute request for a chocolate cake to take to school, even when the time units are already stretched to infinity or to a one on one conversation, when it’s everything but the moment to have it.

A message when they least expect it, a small treat on their backpack, a small gift in their room after work abroad. Signs that there was time…that I gave them even what I didn’t have.

But believe me, my time is not bigger nor more than any other of you out there. It just looks like it…

Few things in this life grow without being nurtured, taken care of. Love doesn’t grow without dedication, friendships don’t blossom if they are not promoted, cherished. Encounters don’t take place if we don’t remember ourselves that it is important to give those we care for the gift of us, the gift of time.

Being something to someone is no longer enough. We have to work to achieve it, to actually be! Family, friends deserve our effort, our race against the odds, our probably non existent time!

It is so worth it making that effort! Going out with friends, being with ones family, making a piquenique with our children, going on an adventure with ones nephews, making a hiking trip with the grandparents! Dating with our other half, going to the beach just to watch the sunset…

Take a chance! Make that leap! I promise you it is worth it! In the memory of those to whom you give yourself and your time, forever will remain the memory that it was much more than just any other Summer day….

Because Life is a story worth sharing….

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