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All together now….

Call me romantic or, rightfully, Mother goose, but the truth is today I feel a million times better then yesterday because we are all together now! I know my children are growing up ever so fast and that not long from here they will leave the nest and build their own families. I know that day will come but for now, I can still say that I am entitled to feel so much happier to have all of them around!

Oh, and I didn’t cry yesterday at the airport when we went to collect the two older boys…I sobbed a little during the day to compensate for it!

We will now, God willing, enjoy a few days vacation (although I will be working to finish the magazine issue number 3). In a flash, school will start again and we will be back to our routine.

I love the quietness of the countryside and I am always inspired to make new projects, new designs or even go outside the box and sometimes even try projects I would hardly ever do…

I have done the usually stashes of strawberry and prune jam, a little gardening, some washing machines of clothes…. just the usual country life, were days do go at a different pace.

It is not a tradition in my country to have birdhouses in the garden. I have always admired such constructions and wonder if birds do in fact use them!

The first cardboard birdhouse I ever designed was three years ago. From that first one, that I honestly still love, to this one that appeared in Love Crafts nº 1, there isn’t much difference in technique. What do you think about it? Would you like to build one? Well, then stay tuned because I will be coming up with kits for you to easily build this house!

I wonder who is the lucky bird that is going to live inside it…..

Because life is a story worth sharing….

  • manoli navarro - Disfruta de cada momento, ya sabes que cuando menos te lo esperes se van! Pasa unos días felices en familia que yo también lo haré!!
    La casa es tan bonita!! seguro que nos encantan esos kits.
    Un abrazo enorme!ReplyCancel

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