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A proper come back!

I have been looking at my blog and realized that when I imported the posts from bloggger all of the you tube links I had are gone. Most say I feel quite sad about it, although I knew this would happen! So here is a hint to future bloggers: start on WordPress so you won’t have to change later and lose all your precious links!

So a proper come back has to be up to the word come back, right? I mean with new ideas, new concepts, new and regular posts and so on. Bearing that in mind I have decide to make my ever first give away in this blog!!!! Yes, that is right, the very much, one and only first give away! Why? Because I want to share a little bit of me with my readers!

I bet that just looking at my blog you can guess what my favorite colors are, correct? Yes, that is it, blue and red. Funny enough I don’t have one piece of red clothing but use it quite a lot in my projects and decorations. On the other hand I have blue pieces of clothing in every shade existing. No idea way but I am always attracted to blue when I go to a store. Navy blue mostly! A pair of blue trousers with a white shirt is probably my favorite work wear!

When I found out I was having a baby girl and since until then my chances of having my boys wear pink were very scarce, I started buying pink dresses a lot. But after a while I started drifting a little….and suddenly finding out that most times I picked the blue and not the pink dress! Well, at least it is a change and it is dresses and not shirts and pants.

Leonor in a very bright pink dress!

Does it ever happen to you when you are preparing a project, selecting your materials, getting ready to work on a certain color scheme and all of the sudden, even without realizing your original idea turned out into something completely different color wise? Well it happens a lot to me! Must try harder to get out of my comfort zone…..

But getting back to my give away, I have made a bundle of things I love: fabrics, cotton tape, cabuchons, buttons and some more bits and pieces. Do you like them?

Recognize the colors? So, if you want to win this sweet bundle, leave a comment here in the blog and tell me if you can guess what my all-time favorite pattern for fabric and paper is. To win it you have to guess correctly but let me tell you that it is very, very easy to guess! You have to post your comment by next Friday, the 16th of August and I will announce the winner a few days after that. I promise, really, really promise to send this to whatever part of the world you’re in, so comment away!

Must say I am feeling really excited about this and quite grown up! Have a great weekend everyone!

  • margarida Oliveira - “Olá Mundo”!!!É com muito prazer que faço um comentário a este lindo blog…PARABÉNS!
    Claro que quase adivinho…será…”COSTURA” com muuuuuita “Pinta”!

  • Edite Carla! - First of all, Congratulations for the beautiful blog! It is simple, but realy very pretty!
    I hope I’ll be the winer of the great give away! I thing the pattern is : red background with white dots! Am I right or not?

  • Maria João Gavina - Mas que ‘give away’ fantástico!!!
    Serão bolinhas brancas num fundo azul ou vermelho?
    beijinhos 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Manucha Couto - Parabéns, o seu blog está muito bonito. Penso que o seu padrao favorito são pintinhas brancas sobre vermelho.

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