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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The sum of our actions

Four weeks ago I decided to take action on something. I knew I could not make it happen on my one so I reached out for help. To all ofView full post »

Luís: the boy who turned me into a Mummy

No, my son is not turning 18 today. That date isn’t far though…. No, my big boy, my first born, the boy who made me a MummyView full post »

When life gives you prunes…make jam

We all know that nature’s circle has a mind of it’s own and although we would love to receive fruits of it in small weeklyView full post »

Recipes for happiness

When I set myself on this journey to bring the smile back to Manoli Picatua’s face I really didn’t know what project I wasView full post »

Numbers don’t lie

Numbers don’t lie. They never did. The number on your scale at home, your bank balance, your age. They are in their time and essenceView full post »