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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Please do Disturb

On Christmas Day, I was lucky enough to go to Mass and ear the Priest Filipe Martins S. J. On his lecture he spoke about the sign that weView full post »

Simple Things

When it was announced that Molllie Makes, an English Magazine I have subscribed a long ago (and am only now missing number one!) was goingView full post »


It’s funny how we, and when I say we I am including myself in the bulls eye let’s say, go through life saying “IView full post »

Sentences to live by

” Nao é o quanto fazemos, mas quanto amor colocamos no que fazemos”Madre Teresa de Calcutá “It is not how much we do butView full post »

Mother’s Day

A long time ago, I believe so long ago that I wasn’t even born, Mother’s Day, in Portugal, was celebrated on the 8th ofView full post »

Ternura * Tenderness

Todos os domingos vamos à missa da comunidade Jesuíta no Porto que agora tem a sua celebração na Igreja de Cedofeita. Aí, tal como jáView full post »

Curve ball

(sorry but just English again today)I am not a fan of Baseball and in good honesty know nothing about it besides what one sees in theView full post »

Tradições * Traditions

Todas as famílias têm as suas tradições, passadas através dos tempos de Pai para filho, de Bisavô para Avô e por aí fora.Mas parece que,View full post »