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I like terms, words and phrases that somehow hide content. Things that can be seemed and perceived as one and also another. Weird probably but if you work in the scrapbook/events industry, you know how valuable this is!

At the same time I like the titles of the things I do to have meaning. And I also like to do (and give) useful things. We do not want things to sit around merely catching dust!

In less then two days time I will be teaching alongside my dear friend Manoli Picatua, in the north of Spain. We have over 50 ladies attending the Scrap & máis event. And this year we turned the cards around and Manoli is doing an amazing Mini album and I will be teaching an altered art project (hopefully good…).

That is why Sewing Ideas (or Costurando Ideas) was born, so that I can go and teach alongside my dear friend but also from my strong belief that one can do simple, functional, yet beautiful and stylish things!

Filled with small details, with small ideas, lots of tricks and of course….hundreds of little things to do… So ladies, brace yourselves for a class that includes scrapbook, sewing, embroidery, decor, watercoloring and so much more!

And in case you are wondering, yes I will be teaching this class again in Porto, during the month of October.

Sewing Ideas, as the name says, or doesn’t say, can be literally about sewing, can be about life in general, about the ideas that daily spring to our head, it can be about memories or almost any other thing! For me it is about prettiness, and loveliness and the feeling of home and homemade.

To my friend Maristela who planted the seed for this project in my head, thank you! To all of you coming to Scrap & Máis, I hope you will enjoy the project and have lots of fun! To those in Porto, I promise to let you know when I will be teaching this sweet class!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

There are many different marks in the “calendar” that you can acknowledge as the beginning of the year: you can celebrate the 1st of January as the number one day, you can follow the Chinese calendar and celebrate the first day of the year somewhere around February, you can consider that it is your birth date that dictates your number one day in a year, what starts you of into a sort of rebirth.

Quite honestly for me and although I always celebrate the 1st of January and have a look on the Chinese new year, September, with the beginning of the School year, is in fact when the year starts for me.

This is the month that comes after vacation, longer or shorter, it doesn’t really matter. Then, and as you start receiving your children’s schedules for school, football, ballet and so on, you start rearranging your time, your life.

You set out to buy (or make) new agendas, new calendars, new notebooks, you pin in the refrigerator who is going to be where, doing what, you search your head for innovative but easy recipes that you can make thru the endless weeks to come.

So yes, for me, life changes a lot in September and in this one particularly, as I start a new and very exciting challenge! It changes more then I can remember…

Because I am an organization freak I know that I need to have some tools ready to enter this new phase of my life. I am definitely not the type of person that dives into the unknown without being prepared, fully organized. Well, at least I try not too.

A notebook is something I always have and when I start something important, a new one is a must! For work I prefer simple and clean design ones. And since gold is definitely the statement color for office look at the moment, a new gold ruler was a much needed tool.

I like pretty and elegant things. And these gold bow pins are very much me! My parents gave me the gold scissor a few months back and the stapler is a new add on, from the DIY shop line by American Crafts.

But the best on my new office are these watercolors! They were a gift from a friend (thank you Susan), painted by her daughter and I have been keeping them for a very special day. They are a set of four and I promise to post a photo of the set when I have them hanging on my wall.

Phase 1 of my beginning of the year organization completed. Now for phase 2, getting everything at home ready, I admit I am a little behind mainly because the after school activities for my children have yet to be decided.

But there is one thing I have already done, which is my weekly menus. By now I have a set of 4 so I can rotate the meals. At our house we always have vegetable soup to start and finish with fruit (I actually always eat my fruit first, but that is an entirely different story). Soup varies from spinach, watercress, carrot, pumpkin, green beans and so on.

Every now and again I make Roasted vegetables soap for myself. It is very healthy and warming! It is super easy to make: peel the vegetables (you can leave part of the pumpkin skin on), put them in a baking tray, sprinkle with olive oil and some dried herbs like oregano, thyme, basil and let them roast in the oven at 180ºC for 90 minutes. When they are done put them in a casserole, add hot water and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Blend everything together, add salt and you are done!

I am sharing with you my weekly menus bellow, although you will for sure laugh because they are in Portuguese! But well that is my household main language and functionality is the main purpose of these planners so….


I wonder if there are other Mother’s out there who struggle like I do to bring variety to their household meals. Since to add to the time factor one most also bare in mind each child preferences and dislikes, our own schedules and activities. So why not share with me your planned meals for each week? Do you find mine useful?

Anyway, today is for me the beginning of a new year and I am all set and prepared! So with that in mind, I leave you with an Abba song to start everyone on the right path! Have fun!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

  • Ana Sousa - Realmente a Patrícia é muito organizada. Eu tento, mas confesso que funciono melhor na pressão do momento ☺.
    Quanto a refeições planeadas, tenho uma fixa, à segunda feira é dia de massa de atum, como é o dia que chego mais tarde é a refeição rápida e reconfortante que precisamos depois da correria.
    Quanto aos restantes dias vou variando entre o peixe e a carne, a alface, o pepino e a cenoura são os vegetais de eleição.
    Fica o desejo de um novo ano de sucesso ☺ReplyCancel

This post is actually a few months behind…but I strongly believe that when ones whatever Mojo is gone, you might as well just sit down, retrieve, rest and come back. At least this is what years of self exhaustion finally thought me. So that is what I have done!

I am now a few weeks in to my much needed rest, which, as you probably imagine, for a Mother of four with her own company isn’t a totally do nothing. It is more of a work in process kind of thing.

And when it comes to blogging and writing, believe me I have tried but as much as I love my mother language I just don’t know how to express myself in it…so back to english only for now.

After this break, where I got to sleep more than 4 hours per night, walk, read, play with my children, cook, bake and do a little bit of traveling, I realized, full circle, how much I was in need! In need to stop mostly but also in need to find my inner peace.

What I have realized that this isn’t something you go on search for and then your done. It is a constant, go to thing that you need to work on and fight for on a daily basis.

It was a very good friend that told me that I didn’t know how to rest, how to stop, how to simply do nothing. At first, I admit, I was deeply offended. Then I thought about it, I cried about it and realized she was right. Not doing nothing is something very hard for me. But I am learning. To listen to myself and to my body when it says I am pushing too much, for too long. To her I am deeply thankful for opening my eyes. Thank you Patrícia.

I have also realized what I want do do in this blog is not just show projects or ideas. I honestly and truthfully like to write, spread my thoughts, so (sorry) but prepare for that on a more regular basis…Food for thought has come back to stay!

Now, these photos…. they were taken on my sewing class students get together. The day itself was a bit cloudy but that didn’t stop my 8 amazing ladies plus some of their children to come along and sew for a whole day.

The idea was to make two projects: a bag and a sewing box. On the day itself we only finished one of them but the purpose wasn’t to just put the sewing machines running. This is a day to laugh, to spend time with each other, to eat oh so good things and enjoy what creativity and togetherness brings.

For each of them I made a small gift bag with scraps of fabric and a little note. Plus of course the instructions for the work itself.

I really think that these images speak for themselves! Small details, flowers, fabric, food: a perfect combination for a perfect day!

Even during the day, I like to light up candles. They give me a sense of warmness I seldom get….

The fabrics I used for my projects where in my stash for many, many years now! I bought them from Inês Touzet, a friend no longer with us and I have saved them for a special project. And I am so, so happy about how both bag and sewing box turned out (first image on the left corner)!

It’s the small things. Yes, I believe in this with a certainty that sometimes I lack in other things. They bring me comfort in knowing I did go the extra mile to make things prettier, tastier, more welcoming, more home, more warm, more me!

To my sewing class, thank you for coming and making this such a special day! I know many more are yet to come.

The amazing photos on this post were taken by one of my sewing class students, Ana Mota (search her on instagram at Motinni). The photos are amazing and show the spirit lived thru out this day! Thank you Ana for letting me use them!

Because Life is a Story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

Se a sua resposta ao meu desafio foi Tilda, então parabéns, acertou! Pela primeira vez vou usar esta marca e assim misturar papel e tecido num mesmo projeto, declaradamente de Home Decor! * If you’re answer to my challenge was Tilda, then congratulations, you are correct! For the first time ever, I am going to use this brand at one of my events in a project that is clearly Home Decor!

A coleção escolhida foi esta, a Pardon my Garden, que mistura azuis com rosas de uma forma perfeita! E o projeto, modéstia à parte, está lindo!!! De sonho mesmo! Estou tão contente com o resultado! * The line I chose was this one, Pardon my Garden, that has a perfect mix of blues and pinks. And the project, sorry for bragging, turned out gorgeous! To dream of really! I couldn’t be happier about the result!

Mas como vencedor só pode haver um e como havia participantes do blog e do facebook, usamos mesmo o método antigo e a vencedora foi….* But since there can only be one winner and we had enters both from facebook and the blog we had to choose a winner the old fashioned way and that winner is….

Muitos parabéns Sílvia, o lugar no evento no dia 4 de Junho no 512 Crafts é seu! * Congratulations Sílvia, the spot at the 512 crafts event on the 4th of June is yours!

Prometo colocar alguns sneak peaks do projeto aqui no blog em breve mas o projeto original só mesmo para quem for ao evento! * I promise to put some sneak peaks of the project here on the blog soon but the original project I will keep for now to those attending the event!

Obrigada a todos os que participarem e mantenham-se atentos a todas as novidades que vão aparecer por aqui! * Thank you to everyone who participated and keep your eye here on the blog to all the new things that are coming this way!

Because Life is a story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

  • Sílvia Matos - Iupiiii!!! Estou super contente! Nem acredito!! Obrigada!!ReplyCancel

Sabem quando temos um segredo muito, muito grande, o queremos contar a toda a gente mas não podemos? Pois é, estou a sentir-me assim! E por isso decidi fazer um mega passatempo para ver quem adivinha qual é a marca que vou usar pela primeira vez num evento (o 512 crafts no Porto)! Mega porque o prémio é fabuloso e porque será mega rápido! * Do you know when you have a very big, big secret, that you want to tell to the world but you can’t? Well that is how I am feeling! So I have decided to make a mega giveaway to see if anyone can guess which is the brand I am going to use for the very first time at the event 512 crafts in Porto! Mega because the prize is mega good and also because it is going to be super fast!

Por isso aqui vai: irei sortear um lugar para 1 pessoa participar no evento no dia 4 de Junho, dia em que vou usar a misteriosa marca, entre aqueles que acertarem no nome da mesma. Podem deixar comentário no blog ou no facebook, serão ambos considerados! O valor da participação nesse dia do evento é de 120 euros por isso nada mal como prémio, certo? * So here it goes: I am going to randomly choose one person to take part at the event on the 4th of June, the day where I am going to use the said brand, between all of those that guess which brand it is. You can comment here in the blog or on facebook, I will considere both entrances. Keep in mind that the value for this day of event is of 120 euros, not bad for a giveaway prize, right?

Tente adivinhar o nome da marca até às 16h00 de amanhã, dia 25 de Maio, comentando no blog ou no facebook e o vencedor será anunciado às 18h00 desse mesmo dia e assim revelada a marca surpresa! E quem sabe até mostro um sneak-peak do projeto? * You have to try and guess the name of the brand I am going to use, by tomorrow, 25th of May by 4 p.m., by commenting on the blog or on facebook and the winner will be announced by 18h00 on the same day. Of course that such announcement will disclosure the name of the brand and I might even show a sneak peak of the project I am going to make.

Aqui ficam algumas pistas: * Here are some clues:

  • Nunca usei esta marca num evento mas já fiz vários projetos com ela; * I have never used this brand at an event but I have made several projects with it;
  • A designer desta marca tem vários livros publicados; * the designer from this brand has several published books;
  • No nome da marca constam as letras A e I; * You can find the letters A and I on the brand name;
  • Esta marca tem papel, acessórios e tecido; * This brand has paper, accessories and fabric;

E agora toca a adivinhar!!! Será que alguém vai acertar? Amanhã será o dia!!!!! * Come on now, it is time to take a chance!!! Will any of you guess? Tomorrow will be the big announcement day!!!!


Because Life is a story worth sharing, thank you for being part of mine!

  • Leonor Carrilho - Tenho um livro da marca, tenho uma colecao de papeis de Natal, tenho acessórios… Só nao tenho tecidos. Marca Tilda!!ReplyCancel

  • Sílvia Matos - Tilda!!
    O que mais tenho usado são os tecidos 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Elke Parijs - Sera que é Tilda?????ReplyCancel

  • Margarida Oliveira - Será a LINDA marca “Tilda” ???
    Obrigada pela oportunidade.ReplyCancel

  • Diana Leão - Tilda: adoro os tecidos, são tão mimosos!ReplyCancel

  • Carla Carvalho - Dear Lizzy! Será!!! Tenho quase a certeza. isto é mais ou menos lolReplyCancel

  • Sandra Pinto - Será a Tilda?ReplyCancel

  • Ana Alvim - Tilda?ReplyCancel

  • Ana Castro - Tilda?ReplyCancel

  • Maria João - Penso que seja Tilda, apesar de o A e o I terem ordem inversa. Tenho vários livros dela, bem como tecidos e papéis! Uma delícia!ReplyCancel

  • Carla - Será a marca Tilda?ReplyCancel